The Organisation


A new adventure…

On23 September 1984, a long and complex preparation led to the maiden voyage of Lisca Bianca. The care and passion resulted in its launch. Lisca Bianca first sailed from Porticello where it started its journey around the world. It was the beginning of a great story…

Today, 23rd September 2014, after a long and complex preparation, Organization Lisca Biancacomes to life. We chose this highly symbolic date, to expressly pay tribute to that departure of 30 years ago. Between people’s skepticism and encouragement, with the hope to go far, like Sergio and Licia did, mile after mile, wave after wave, meeting after meeting, knowing how to set the sails at the right moment without being discouraged by difficulties.

We know it will be hard, but we really want it; we have passion and desire and we feel strenghtened by our values and goals. Like Sergio and Licia, like LiscaBianca.

Today, 23rd September, we are sailing for a new adventure.


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