The crew

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LiscaBianca’s crew.

LiscaBianca’s crew is a heterogeneous team composed of experts in social, nautical, shipbuilding, organization and communication fields.


Elio Lo Cascio

Sociologue with a Masters in Human Resources Management (Studio FOR – Management Education & Consulting), he has been coordinating social inclusion projects and restorative justice interventions for 15 years. He pays special attention especially to young people who have committed crimes. Since 2004 he has had an active role in the field of research on juvenile immigration and child labour. In 2013 he took part in an international research team focused on minors traffick and exploiting related themes (Project Catch &Sustain) and protection of unaccompanied foreign minors (Project Net4U). He is in charge of the evaluation and the preparation for restorative justice projects and organizational wellness both in the public and private sector. He developed specific experience in the field of organizational analysis and social research. In 2008 he was appointed as Honorary Judge al Tribunale di Sorveglianza di Palermo. His long experience, established in Sicily and especially in Palermo, has enabled him to develop a network helping him in the formal relationship with public Institutions.

For Sailing Towards Inclusion he is the General Coordinator.


Nadia Lodato

Graduate in Human Rights and an International Masters in Humanitarian Assistance (Network on Humanitarian Assistance – NOHA- ECHO). Since 2001 she has been involved in international cooperation for projects in developing countries (Albania, South Sudan). In Sicily since 2004 she has coordinated social-working inclusion projects in the penal field, individual and community empowerment projects, and promotion projects for family and self-aid organization types that aim to regenerate disadvantaged areas and with a high risk of social behavioural problems. In 2013 she ran a shelter service for female refugees and asylum seekers in a project of social innovation for the creation of new networks of mutual support with the immigrant community.

For Sailing Towards Inclusion she is in charge for planning and coordination of activities in the social area, in direct contact with consumers.


Francesco Belvisi 

When he was at university he built two regatta centerboards in the Engineering lab. In 2008 he founded the Yam start-up and designed Marbelle615, that won many awards in Italy and abroad for its design, technological innovation and for business planning. Environmentally conscious, he studies and tests biocompound products and organizes “Periplo”, an environmental awareness project to experiment with innovative photovoltaic sails. His personal research in combining performance and style for competition boats encourages him to take part in the team project of the C-class “Challenge Italia” wingsail catamaran, the Italian vessel for the Little America’s Cup. Strongly bonded to Pantelleria, his birthplace, he combines traditions and technology in Livrea26, a restyling of the classic launch of Pantelleria. He designed it with Daniele Cevola and showed it in February 2014 at the International Boat Fair of Miami. It’s the first time, in the nautical field, that high-tech construction and 3d printing go together, thanks to the cooperation with the company owner of the main patents and applications in the precision mechanics for F1, motorsport and aerospace.

For Sailing Towards Inclusion he deals with the coordination of renovation works, staff and supplier supervision, and the technical preparation of young people involved in the Project.


Marco Calatroni

After graduating in Communication and the USA Masters in Project Management (U.C. Berkeley), he has worked for years in the field of agency communication dealing with event organization, B2C and B2B and for an important company in the luxury sector. In 2008 he decided to dedicate his whole time to sailing, his passion, so he left his job and started working as an instructor, then sailor on private vessels of every shape, material and dimension but – luckily – always sailing boats… He regularly takes part in many solidarity sailing experiences in Italy and in France and succesfully completed the first edition of “Navigazione e Formazione Umana”, first preparation course specific for solidarity sailing operators, held by Unione Italiana Vela Solidale e Università LUMSA.

In 2013 he met Lo Cascio and Belvisi and joins the Project Staff for communication, fund-raising and organization.


Vito Pavia

After the post diploma training at Istituto Europeo di Design, he took a diploma in Marketing at the IAA (International Advertising Association), he worked as art director and then as creative director in many advertisement agencies in Spain for many national and international brands. He came back to Italy in 2011, where he takes part, as a freelance, into many communication and multimedia projects with private companies, advertising agencies and friends. Among those friends is Francesco Belvisi. They were together when they first saw the abandoned boat Lisca Bianca in an old boat storage in the suburbs of Palermo.

One year later the crazy and brave adventure of the project “Sailing Towards Inclusion” began and Vito came on board, taking care of all the branding, communication and creativity aspects.


Luigi Airò

Experienced navigator and boat restorer, after completing the world tour on a catamaran that he personally built, he moved to Thailand. He stayed there for 12 years working in the shipbuilding field. He came across the travel of Albeggianis and the LiscaBianca story while reading the book “Le Isole Lontane”. In December he was in Sicily for family reasons and he met the LiscaBianca staff to offer his contribution in the technical field at Francesco Belvisi’s side.

For Sailing Towards Inclusion he is responsible for the shipyard of Trabia, working at the side of the young people hosted in the Community for the renovation of LiscaBianca.


Valentina Neri

She was born in Padua but she adopted Milan as her hometown. She graduated in Communication with the objective of making writing her career. As a journalist she learnt language and Economics and Finance logics in order to discover environmental and social sustainable development models. She specialized in rights, energy, environment and non-profit sector.
At the same time she worked as a freelance press agent and consultant for many enterprises such as startups, publishing houses, cooperatives and agencies. She has a keen interest in social media so she studied its dynamics taking part in many academic research projects. Eventually she became a social media manager and web content editor.

In 2014 she came on board with LiscaBianca, where she deals with PR, press office and planning.